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Cowboys and Chefs, A Contemporary Romantic Comedy Series
 Cookies and Cowboys - The Way to a Man’s Heart
Kathleen Connor’s a rising star in the hot world of New York’s TV cooking shows, she just doesn’t know it.  Her career is on the verge of taking off, but all she really wants is love and a family.  She’ll do anything, risk anything to make her dreams come true. 
Harris Rhodes’ was a big, bad, tough football lineman for the Cowboys, until a broken  marriage and a career ending injury has him running scared.  He’s convinced himself that the safety and security of life in his small home town are enough. He sure doesn’t need a woman in his life threatening all he has put back together.  His kids don’t agree.

Thanks to some mad computer skills from his genius children and an online matchmaking service this risk-taking cookbook writer finds herself engaged to a conservative ex-football player with four kids of his own in the middle of Oklahoma. He'll have to be strong enough to face his fears and is she must be willing risk it all, her heart.
  Southern Comfort
Kelsey Kent’s hot new restaurant Southern Comfort just got hotter.  Thanks to a review from a saavy Memphis food critique.  But now she has to convince him to keep her deepest darkest secret.  She’s never even been close to the mason dixon line, much less south of it.
Aaron Elvis Walker likes Southern style, Southern food and Southern Belles.  He’s found all three at the latest New York restaurant he reviewed .  He can’t wait to get the  pretty owner into Memphis’ most prestigious barbeque competition. 
Can bluffing, burning desire and barbeque really spell love for this rebel and his yankee?
  Just Peachy – Coming Soon,  Love at the Palisades Peach Festival

Montana, A Contemporary Cowboy Romance Series
  The Reluctant Rancher
Vetrinarian Jessie Jenkins doesn’t believe in love.  Bo Markham does though.  He’s just got to convice her they can become more than just friends.
  Home on the Range
Kelly Marley needs inspiration.  She wants a cowboy to be her hero.  So she can write him into her romance novel.
Ash Mikelson wants to ride the open range, he wants to wrangle the cattle, he wants to avoid hassles. Anything but to be roped with starry eyed romance writer.
The boss is stong armed into letting Kelly come on their last ditch effort cattle drive, and he needs someone to look after the lady.  Ash draws the short straw and instead of wide open spaces he’s getting a wide eyed greenhorn who just might steal his heart.
  Real American Cowboy
Kasey Lane needs a high powered savvy man with the right connections in her life, not a cowboy.  Too bad she’s fallen head over heels in love with one.  But she’s not going to let that mess with her plans.  Besides he’s thousands of miles away in podunk Oklahoma.  
Jimmy Jenkins fell hard for the lusty camera woman during last summer’s cattle drive.  He spent plenty of time both in front and behind the camera with her.  Now that the show is over he can’t even get her to return his calls.  He’s just going to have to fly out to Hollywood and find her.
His new found fame, her lack of fortune and a monumental culture clash make for one rocky road to love.
  Crash into Me
Ryan ‘Crash’ O’Connell lives hard, plays hard and loves hard.  Sarah Mitchell has only known hard work, growing up the daughter of a strict preacher.  She’s ready for a little rebellion and Crash is going to help her do just that, he just doesn’t know it yet.
  How the Wes was won
Wesley Moore doesn’t know diddly squat about roping, riding or ranching, but he’d better learn it all in a hurry.  He’s just been challenged to a cowboy duel.  But his challenger is no cowboy, she’s a cowgirl.
Addison March wants nothing more than to run the ranch she’s grown up on and loves.  It’s her inheritance, but her Grandpap won’t let her have it unless she’s ‘good and proper married’ as he likes to say.  So she makes him a challenge.  She’ll marry, but only a man that can out-cowboy her.  He’ll have to ride, rope and play poker like a real rodeo rider to win her hand.