Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Short Stories from some big names in Romance

I have a dirty little secret. I love teaser stories. No, not the first three chapter kind, but an honest to goodness written just for me the-fan-of-series-romance-reader short stories. The ones that go in between books, or the prequel (which was really all that back story the author wasn't allowed to put in the first book.) Or the story an author wanted to write, but it's just not a whole book. These ones are a great way to discover the writing style of an author you haven't read before to see if you like them, but without the let down of reading a partial. I heart it all.

I also like 'em cause these little teasers are usually free.

Three gems popped up today in the freebie search. Yay.

Rings of Gold

Rings of Gold by Michelle M. Pillow @MichellePillow 
Ryan Anderson had expected retaliation in some form. A guy just didn't cross a woman with a sword, especially if that woman was Molly Shanahan, 2016 Olympic women's fencing hopeful. She'd been born with the glint of a gold medal in her eye. She might be the girl of his dreams, if he can get past her guard.

Cindi (A short story from Fairy Tale Flirts!)

Cindi by Lisa Scott @ReadLisaScott 
"Cindi" A modern take on Cinderella. A short story of 13,000 words.

Cindi wants a perfect match—of designer shoes, that is. When her stepmother gets tickets to the Jiminy Shoes trunk sale, it looks like her dreams are coming true. Until her stepmother refuses to bring her. With a little luck, Cindi finds herself at the sale with the shoes of her dreams, and a handsome man to boot. But when she dashes off with one of the shoes by mistake, her life changes forever.

King, King, Goose?

King, King, Goose? by Mandy M. Roth @mandymroth 
As dragon shifter and king of his people--the purple dragons of the east-- King Najarni wants to make his lovely wife happy. Her Earthly customs and holidays are strange to him so he sends men forth to her realm to learn of these bizarre rituals. When his wife, Queen Tara, sees what her husband and his faithful guards have done, she can't help but laugh.

Peek in and catch a glimpse into what Najarni has done for his beloved wife. 

If you pick up these stories let me know how they are. I've just downloaded them all myself. Leave me a comment or tweet out some love.


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