Monday, June 25, 2012

All Tied Up for #ManCandyMonday

Everybody is talking about Erotic Romance these days.
Thank goodness.
It’s about time.
No longer do we have to hide our erotic romance novels behind copies of Cosmo or in the depths of our e-book readers. Your best friend, your sorority sister, your book club gals and your librarian are getting down and kinky. Well, their reading choices are anyway.
A big theme in this genre is BDSM. And the B in BDSM? It stands for bondage.
The use of restraints.
For fun and pleasure.
But it’s not only the girls who get to be tied up. You can tie your man up too.
No need to be intimidated.
And don’t think you have to whip out the credit card and fork over the dough for your bondage fun.

A little creativity is all you need.

I'm oh, so lucky to be hosting #ManCandyMonday this week. The theme is Man Candy All Tied Up. Join me at 7pm (Mountain Time) on twitter for some hottalicious fun.

You can find my post over at the Man Candy Monday 2.0 Blog. Click here to link right on over there.
Here's just a little taste of today's theme of our favorite hotties, all tied up.

See, creativity with Christmas lights. 

To celebrate my guest post on my favorite blog site I've got three erotic romances for you to download for free today.

One of my favorite erotic romance series is the Harmless books by Melissa Schroeder. They are mostly set in Hawaii, have hot military men, a BDSM club and a whole lot of slap and tickle fun.

These two short stories are free on Amazon. Click on the cover to link straight there for the download.

A Little Harmless Surprise (Harmless Shorts)A Little Harmless Gift: A Harmless Short (Harmless Shorts)

Plus, Mel has two more Harmless freebies on her website.

But beware this is a very addictive series. If you really get into it you can also join Mel's Harmless Addicts FB page. (I did)


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