Friday, June 15, 2012

Just who are all these Indie Authors?

Who are all these Indie Authors I see everyday with free Ebooks? 
Well, these days anyone who wants to can publish a book. So Indie authors are your neighbor, your boss, your librarian and your favorite traditionally published author.
Wait, what?
Traditionally published authors self pub too?
Oh, yeah. Fo Sho.
Authors work those contracts hard to get back their backlists and self pub those. Authors with traditionally published books who have an idea for a story their publishing house just isn't buying will write that and indie pub it.
So don't discount an Indie pubbed book and author just cause. You may stumble across some really great writing.

Traditionally published authors and Indie authors both work equally hard at promotion. Even books put out by fancy big New York publishers don't get much of an advertising budget. Especially for newer authors.

Promotions are the lifeblood of advertising for authors. One advantage to being an Indie Author is deciding when and where to give your books away. 
I've heard tons of anecdotes about how free promotions boost sales, and not only for the promoted book. It boosts books numbers, so the author, the promoted book and the author's whole list of available books get more notice. Usually an author gets some more reviews for their book too.
If you're an indie author, be wise about when and how you do your free book promos.
If you're a reader, try these freebies and give the authors some love by leaving reviews. 

Here's a truckload of indie authors with free Ebooks today in all kinds of genres. Click on the book's name to link to Amazon for the download. Make sure to check the price before downloading as most promos are a limited time offer.

Peruse through my little free ebook Book Store. It's all sorted by genre (or categories that go together in my head)

Build A ManMy personal favorite section - Romance
Her Latin Lover  Katheryn Lane - Contemporary Romance
Panhandle Blizzard  Johnny Fowler - Western Romance
Lady Iona's Rebellion  Dorothy McFalls - Historical Romance
A Gift Of Ghosts  Sarah Wynde - Romantic Fantasy
Her Restless Heart  Barbara Cameron - Inspirational Romance
Build A Man  Talli Roland - Chick Lit
His Wife And Daughters  Wendy Nelson Tokunaga - Women's Fiction

Grimsley Hollow - Eve of the Beginning

It's not just for teenagers anymore - Try out some YA
Bound  CK Bryant - Young Adult Paranormal Romance
A Kingdom's Possession  Nicole J. Persun - Young Adult Fantasy
Grimsley Hollow  Nicole Storey - Young Adult Fantasy
Verita  Tracy Rozzlynn - Young Adult/Science Fiction

For the geeky glasses fangirl in you. Sci-Fi
Red Serpent  Delson Armstrong - SciFi - Adventure
Cathedral Of Dreams  Terry Persun - SciFi/Dystopian

Mysteries and Thrillers and Horror, oh my. 
Book of Shadows

Book Of Shadows  Alexandra Sokoloff - Supernatural Thriller
Trust Your Enemies  Mark Tier - Political Thriller
The Scent Of Murder  Jeffrey Marks - Mystery
Online  Seth Blackburn - Horror

Hey Smarty-Smart Pants - this section's for you.
The Godling  CK Collins - Literary Fiction
The Twenty Dollar Bill  Elmore Hammes - Contemporary Fiction

For the kid in you (or for your kids)
Healthy Whole Grains, Easy and Delicious Soup Recipes
Time To Get Ready, Bunny  Brenda Ponnay - Children's Book
Pibbin The Small  Gloria Repp - Children's Book

Just don't drop your ebook reader into the sink with the dishes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes Angelina Jarreau - Cooking
Seal Team 6 (Warrior Cookbook) Steven Doornbos - Cooking

Non-fiction - for your daily dose of reality
Kick Menstrual Cramps In The Nuts  TC Hale - Women's Health
Turning Inside Out  Phyllis Lily Jules - Biography/Memoir
Father's Day  Donald J. Bingle - Humor/Memoir
Work For Hire  Margo Karasek - Humor
Immersion  Mark McNees - Religion & Spirituality

Thanks to and their newsletter for this great list of Indie freebies.

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