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Friday's FreeEbook-a-palooza from @365FreeEbooks

There are frickin' tons of free e-books today. I've looked through the selections and picked out the ones I think look best for your viewing pleasure.
I've tweeted all these out from @365FreeEbooks today. (If you're not already following me there and you like free ebooks, well, get on it.)
Check for the hashtags #YA #ParanormalRomance #RomanticSuspense #SciFiRomance #ContemporaryRomance #HistoricalRomance and #EroticRomance to find more in your super favorite genre.
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Click on the books to link to Amazon to download them. Remember to check the price as most of these freebies are temporary promos.

Young Adult (YA is the new black - besides zombies - everyone's reading it, not just teenagers. Come one, be one of the cool kids. Read some YA.)

Mirrors of Grey House
Mirrors of Grey House by Lianne Lee
For seventeen years, Aria Grey has existed quietly in the background, content to spend her time alone and unnoticed. When the grandmother who raised her is killed in a robbery gone awry, however, Aria's world is abruptly shattered - and altered in ways she could never have imagined.

While adapting to life in a small town - and an eccentric mother that she's never known - Aria finds herself moving in brand new directions: making friends for the first time ever, getting her first job, and even falling for a mysterious local boy. Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that Aria's family has a lot of secrets - like, for instance, a little bit of hereditary magic - and there's a chance that someone she's become attached to might want her dead.

Between supernatural powers, generations-old grudges, falling in love, and murder most foul, Aria is about to discover that coming out of one's shell can be awfully dramatic.

With a blend of humour, romance, and a little mystery, Mirrors of Grey House is a fun, indulgent YA Paranormal Romance.
This book is novel length (over 80K words).

True of Blood (Witch Fairy Series)
True of Blood by Bonnie Lamer
Xandra Illuminata Smith has lived for the last three years with ghosts as parents but her life gets even stranger after her seventeenth birthday when she finds out that her mother is actually a Witch in hiding and her biological father, whom she knew nothing about, is a Fairy and King of the Fae realm. 

Xandra is the first Witch Fairy to be born in thousands of years for very good reason. No one should be able to control that much magic and Xandra was never meant to be born at all but her mother has manged to keep her hidden away until now.

The Witches want her dead and the Fairies want her blood, for only her blood will reopen the gateway to the Fae realm and allow them back into this realm to take revenge on humans and Witches alike for having banished them hundreds of years ago.

Xandra has very little time to learn how to use her powerful Witch and Fairy magic that has been bound since her birth while running from the Fairies who managed to jump realms and want to take her blood to set the others free. She needs someone to teach her and her parents enlist the help of one powerful Fairy who claims to want to keep the realms closed to each other. He will help keep her safe and alive as she learns, at least that's what he says...

Paranormal Romance  (Why do we love Paranormal Romance sooooo much?)

Innok's Curse (Dragon's Legacy)
Innok's Curse by R.G. Porter @AuthorRGPorter
A man cursed by a demon.
A woman who’s memories are more than just her own.
An enemy sworn to destroy all their dreams
A destiny that none of them expected.

Cursed to live by day as a dragon and by night as a man, Gabriel believes he will forever be alone after the murder of his beloved Danielle. That is, until the night he meets Alayia and everything changes.

Together, they must figure out the truth of the curse that Innok has placed on Gabriel as well as those from his visions. Their quest will bring them deep into the heart of the evil, but with her abilities and the
spirit of the dragon within, they might just unlock the truth of the past
and break the curse. If they can keep the demon from winning too fast.

Conner by Miranda Stork @MirandaStork
Erin is a young psychologist, with no time for anything but her work, and unable to remember anything about her past. She leads an uneventful life, but a lonely one, in which she secretly wishes for a soulmate... 
Conner is an unusual patient who approaches her, thrusting her into a strange world of darkness that runs beneath our own. He believes hiimself to be a creature of legend-a werewolf. But he also draws Erin with a roguish charm, and an irresitible feeling that seems to bind them together... 
Conner desperately tries to save her from an unknown evil that persues her with a relentless passion that crosses centuries, an evil that once took her very soul away, somewhere in Erin's lost memories. 
As she becomes more entwined in a series of events that will remind her of who she really is, will she make it away from the oncoming darkness unscathed...?

The Secret Trinity: Unearth (Fae-Witch Trilogy, Book 1)
Unearth by Jenna Bernel @JennaBernel
Aria Darwin has always considered herself cursed. She is obsessed with finding a cure for the bad boyfriend plague. Worse yet, she’s in denial about her weird abilities and terrified of her mysterious stalker who causes the earth to quake violently with the snap of his finger.
With her two best friends, Aria enters her first semester of college armed with a “no more men” pact in an effort to demagnetize the sleaze balls. Unfortunately, the agreement proves difficult when she meets Liam, a charming foreign exchange student, on the first day of school. 

Aria quickly discovers that Liam is not only Mr. Perfect, but he also somehow ignites her supernatural side. Upon the invitation of her dream guy, Aria travels to Ireland through the study abroad program, dragging her friends along with her. But her world of euphoric bliss quickly comes crashing down as she uncovers the truth about her past, revealing who she really is and what she was born to do.

Living Sensitive (Book 1 of the Delia Rhodes series)
Living Sensitive by C.M. Rawdon @ChrissyRawdon
In the small town of Willow Eve, Arkansas, feisty bartender, Delia Rhodes, lives a pretty normal life; if you consider having a ghost for a roommate, pixies as best friends and being one of the rarest hybrids to exist, normal. Her life is turned upside down when someone or something begins kidnapping pixies and she is forced to find out who is behind it and why. If that wasn’t enough for her to deal with, Delia meets a delicious vampire hybrid with a very important event coming up; his registration. Will he survive? Will Delia solve the kidnappings or get dragged into the middle of something much deeper?
Romantic Suspense (I know why I love Romantic Suspense. I got three little words for you. Men in Uniform. Yummm. Oh, that's four words. Oh, no, I've committed word crime. Come and arrest me hot cop.)
THE EDGE OF TRUST (TEAM EDGE)The Edge of Trust by KT Bryan  @KTBryan1
 “Suzanne Brockmann fans will love KT Bryan.” 
~ Joyce Lamb, Bestselling Author of TRUE SHOT

The stakes are incredible. Failure is unimaginable. The malice unthinkable.

Living a nightmare…
When EDGE operative Dillon Caldwell follows a direct order to bring down the Sanchez Brothers drug cartel, he never imagines that his wife, Sara, would be next on the cartel’s hit list.
Dillon thought nothing could match the pain of losing his wife, but when Sara mysteriously turns up twelve months later, beaten yet alive, he realizes he was wrong. She has secrets she’s unwilling to share, secrets that could cost them their lives.

Hunted by a relentless killer...
Rafael Sanchez has turned a vendetta into a war with no rules. He has taken retribution to an extreme and wants to shatter more than just Dillon’s life. He wants to destroy every reason Dillon has left for living. 

One way in, and no way out...
Trapped in a hostile jungle, Dillon and Sara have nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide, and they find themselves shifting from the shadows of vengeance into the sunlight of justice. In order to survive, they can trust no one, will betray anyone, and are determined to win at whatever the cost. 
Even if it means going over the edge.

Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law by Kat Attalla @KatAttalla
Fear and intimidation work. Ask Customs Agent Jack Murphy. He uses both to hunt felons. But instinct and experience fail when he sets out to retrieve Lilly McGrath-- a blonde bombshell who is either a willing participant or an innocent pawn in her boss's smuggling scam. Until Jack knows which, she's just another suspect. . Now he just needs to get his hormones in sync with his head.

While working as an export clerk Lilly, stumbled upon her boss's illegal activities. After an attempt on her life, she flees to Europe to hide. Living on credit cards and her wits, she is constantly on the move—but no matter where she runs, she can’t lose the dangerously handsome stranger following her across the continent. In Genoa, Italy , her credit limit and luck finally run out. 

Once Jack grabs Lilly, Murphy’s Law dogs them at every turn. Someone is determined to see that Lilly never makes it back to the States to testify. The distrustful couple must learn to rely on each other if they are to survive. And for Lilly that means surrendering to a man who both infuriates and excites her.

Smoke and Mirrors (A Spy Games Novel)
Smoke and Mirrors by Ella Skye
When her MI6 colleagues are killed on their wedding day, Dr. Parker Brothers trades her scalpel for a silencer. Sent to Sardinia to act as personal physician to drug lord, Giovanni De Torres (MI6 Agent Bradley Milton), Parker finds herself immersed in a web of intrigue stretching across three continents and the two, very contradictory sides of one complicated man.

Christened Agents Board and Game, the distrustful pair is forced to feign a relationship long enough to bring down a ring of drug and arms dealers stretching from South America to Europe. Yet outwitting kidnappers, kingpins and their inconvenient attraction becomes the least of their worries when they uncover a mole within the ranks of MI6.

As the op spirals from dangerous to downright deadly and nothing is what it seems, the agents must learn to depend on one another before they too vanish inside the land of Smoke and Mirrors. 

Sci-Fi Romance (I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi Romance. Yes, I'm a geekgirl and I'll fly my freak flag high, in the form of Lust in Space books.)

Virtual Love
Virtual Love by Amber Carew @OpalCarew
Award Winning Author, Opal Carew
writing as Amber Carew.

Control is what Jerette seeks when she enters virtual reality … until she is pursued by a mysterious stranger who infiltrates her sessions, turning her deepest desires into reality.

Jerette loves to leave the stresses of her life behind by slipping into virtual reality and creating her own private worlds where she is totally in control of everything. Until Phantom shows up—a mysterious stranger who can override all her protocols and manipulate her fantasy worlds, and her.

He claims that all he wants is for her to let go of her control and allow them to act on the incredible attraction between them. But his total control of not just her virtual environment, but of her deepest desires, triggers a crushing fear in her. Especially paired with the overwhelming yearning she feels for him. Soon she is afraid to enter her fantasy e-scapes, fearful of encountering Phantom.

Then he begins to affect her real world.

The only answer is to find out who he really is and stop him. But what will she do when she finds out the shocking truth of his true identity?
Length: 18,000 words

Her Cyborg Awakes
Her Cyborg Awakes by Melisse Aires @Melisse_Aires
Sabralia lives a lonely but luxurious life in Emperor Sirn’s Harem, her only companion is her obedient servant, Qy, a cyborg. Her life has largely been controlled by others, but when Sirn demands his Harem pleasure his Commanding Officers at a victory celebration, Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide to avoid rape by Sirn's men.
The Palace is ambushed and her cyborg gets her off world. The impossible has happened−Qy the gentle cyborg becomes the man he once was, the warrior Kaistril. Pursued for valuable information, Sabralia is thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations where she must stand up to the challenges, or lose the man she loves. Sensual Sci-fi Romance. Novella
Formerly titled Cybot Awakens
Contemporary Romance (Real love, happening today. It is real, right? Right? RIGHT?)
Kilt by Love
Kilt by Love by Jennifer Conner @JenniferConner1
Unemployed events planner, Sasha Nolan, escapes her dismal existence, and splurges on a trip of a lifetime to Scotland. She’s determined to discover what Scotsmen wear under their kilts, but instead, she’s stuck on a tour bus of senior citizens. 
When she meets Allister MacTavish, a modern day laird, all that changes. There’s one simple rule for her vacation, kilt, conquer and leave. Can Sasha follow her rule when Allister asks for her help in creating a plan to rescue MacTavish Castle from financial ruin? Suddenly Sasha finds that she’s tempted to abandon her old life, help Allister, and indulge in every fantasy she’s ever had.

Because now, she’s found out what Scotsmen wear under their kilts.

Pompeii Days: A Novel
Pompeii Days by Gail Hilliard Amaral
Running away to Pompeii seems like the best thing to have happened in awhile to Mary Conti, a twenty-four year old grad student. Mary has been offered a rare opportunity to assist in the excavation of a new archeological site in Pompeii. Desperate to free herself from a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, she grabs this chance to escape her stressful life in the U.S. to visit the beauty and romance of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. But Mary discovers more than just ruins in Pompeii. Caught in an unexpectedly dangerous situation, she is rescued by Heath Windsor, a handsome Brit with an engaging smile. Is he too good to be true, or are there some chinks in this knight’s armor? Mary also finds ghosts from Pompeii’s past eerily having a hand in a story she is writing. While Mary digs to uncover truths of the past, she begins to discover more about herself and dreams of her future.

Torn by Leslie Ann Joy @LeslieAnnJoy2
Samantha Fleming believes she is finally on the verge of success after living with her unsupportive mother and physically abusive step dad, but when her efforts don’t pay off, it’s time to face reality. She’s twenty-one, waiting tables, and without a car. The only thing keeping her sane is her best friend, and the attention she’s suddenly getting from her ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Sean.
Sean Barker’s been living life, but it’s not at all what he had pictured. He’s given up his college dreams to shoulder the responsibility of working for his father’s roofing business and he’s never really gotten over his first love, Sam. So when she’s suddenly back in his circle, he’s not about to let her slip away again.
Even though love comes easy for these two, they struggle to balance the stresses of life after Sam’s career takes off—thanks to a chance encounter with a wealthy, charismatic modeling agent. Just as everything seems to have fallen neatly into place, jealousy and lies slowly unravel the life each has worked so hard to build—they soon discover, living their dreams also means dealing with their nightmares.
Sleeping Beauty WAKES UP! (Alternate Ending--A Romantic Comedy/Suspense)
Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up by Elle Lothlorien @ElleLothlorien
Sure, Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor. With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance, neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about. But she didn’t actually do it…did she?

Claire should be able to answer this simple question, but she has no idea. What she’s sure of: She met Dr. Charmant for an appointment one day, and woke up at home six weeks later to find that they are in the middle of a whirlwind love affair, a claim bolstered by her brother, their friends, and the weeks of steamy emails and text messages they’ve exchanged. 

Claire is afflicted with “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome,” a mysterious disorder that causes her to sleep for days at a time, and black out for entire weeks. 
Despite having no memory of their romance, Claire’s more than willing to fall for the seemingly perfect Brendan Charmant (again). After all, doesn’t every girl deserve a Prince Charming?

Sure, she knows that her best friend, the hot, blonde, tanned surfer, Davin Wibbens, thinks she deserves better. Still she’s crushed when he abandons their friendship over her decision to continue dating Brendan. She soon finds that getting to know Brendan--who already knows everything about her--feels less like falling in love, and more like a Prince Charming job interview. With her relationship with Brendan fizzling, Claire longs for Davin's familiar, flirty company.

But when Brendan’s arrested for a heinous crime against her that she can’t recall, and Davin disappears and is feared dead—all in a matter of days—Claire realizes that sometimes the best way to make your dreams come true might be to just stay asleep. So why is she risking everything to save them all from this hellish, waking nightmare?

The Relationship Shoppe: A Novel
The Relationship Shoppe by Susan Paulson Clark @SusanPClark
Marian Sheffield longs to climb out of the pits, but before she can transform her career and romantic life, she must contend with the indiscretions of Belle, her business partner and best friend. Along the way, Marian learns the difference between a crush on her guy friend and the very real advances of her company’s investor—and how to apply the relationship advice she promotes in her own bookstore.

Historical Romance (It's all Jane Austen's fault. And Mr. Darcy's. *le sigh*)

Punish Me With Roses - A Victorian Historical Romance Novel
Punish Me with Roses by Juliet Moore @Juliet_Moore
Victoria Clavering lives under the thumb of her guardian Hugh, a callous man who begrudges her even the smallest kindness. So when Hugh and his valet are poisoned, Victoria becomes both heiress and murder suspect.

Alex Trevelyn, the valet's cousin, is convinced she's guilty. As far as Alex is concerned, the world is divided into the completely innocent and the completely wicked, and Victoria is as wicked as they come.

Alex vows to bring her to justice--until they meet, and unexpected passion flares between them. Soon Alex finds himself trying to protect Victoria after she receives a series of threatening notes attached to roses, even though he still believes she may be guilty.

Victoria must convince Alex of her innocence and clear her name. Alex needs to learn that life is more shaded than simple black and white. And they've got to do both quickly, to save their love and Victoria's life.

Uneasy Spirits: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery
Uneasy Spirits by M. Louisa Locke @MLouisaLocke
In this sequel to Maids of Misfortune, it is the fall of 1879 and Annie Fuller, a young San Francisco widow, has a problem. Despite her growing financial success as the clairvoyant Madam Sibyl, Annie doesn’t believe in the astrology and palmistry her clients think are the basis for the domestic and business advice she dispenses, which is making her feel increasingly uncomfortable.

Kathleen Hennessey, Annie Fuller’s young Irish maid, has a plan. When her mistress is asked by one of the people in Annie’s boarding house to investigate and expose a fraudulent trance medium, Arabella Frampton, Kathleen is determined to assist in this investigation, just like the Pinkerton detectives she has read about in the dime novels. 

Nate Dawson, the up-and-coming San Francisco lawyer, has a dilemma. He wants to marry the unconventional Annie Fuller, but he doesn’t feel he can reveal his true feelings until he has figured out a way to make enough money to support her.

In Uneasy Spirits, this light, romantic novel of suspense, Annie Fuller, with the help of Nate Dawson and Kathleen Hennessey, delves into the intriguing world of 19th century spiritualism, encountering true believers and naïve dupes, clever frauds and unexplained supernatural phenomena, and she will soon find there are as many secrets as there are spirits swirling around the Frampton séance table. Some of those secrets will threaten the foundation of her career as Madam Sibyl and the future of her relationship with Nate Dawson, and, in time, they will threaten her very life itself. 

Erotic Romance (Are you one of those Fifty Shades of Grey fans? - I have no comment)

Loving Will
Loving Will by Eve Boston
Loving Will is a full-length contemporary BDSM romance that tests the physical and emotional boundaries of a relationship, as an experienced ex-dom lifts an emotionally fragile woman above her tragic past, and his. Their relationship is based upon trust, honesty, communication, and sexual submission.

Will is analytical and intellectual. Jane is talented in art and literature. They meet in a grief therapy group. They have a common interest in past lives and were once ancient lovers. Will, a researcher with a brand-new doctorate, believes in the science of genetic memory. Jane, a journaler of her past lives, takes a more esoteric, New Age spiritual view of destiny. Share this journey of two lovers from another life who find each other again in this contemporary novel of passion and desire. A look inside of their world of loving, caring domination and unconditional submission reveals the intricacies of love's power exchange: it is a delicate balance of will versus desire. 

Whew. That's a butt-load of free ebooks today. (Oh, maybe I shouldn't say buttload right after the Erotic Romance listing - ew.)

Have fun with all these books. If you download any leave me a little note and I'll tweet out the reader/author love.  Better yet, I've listed the twitters for the authors I could find them for. Tweet them yourself and let them know you got grabbed their books.



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