Friday, May 4, 2012

Write Good or Die and other writing advice #pubtip #FreeEbook

The last four months I've been on a writers' workshop palooza. I started the year off with Angela James's Before You Hit Send. (It's where I learned to write James's instead of James')

February, March and April had me at the Lawson Writer's Academy, where I took Empowering Characters Emotions,  Deep Editing, and Writing Body Language and Dialog Cues like a Psychologist. This morning I'm sitting in a quaint Eastern European Lodge in the mountains of Colorado after the first day of Margie Lawson's Masters Immersion Class. My brain is both fried and on fire. It's kind of awesome.

Yesterday I learned that the first page of my book, scratch that, the first sentence of my book does not hold the promise I want to give to my readers.
I've been playing it safe. Even after all the tips and tricks and excellent instruction I've gotten in the craft writing courses I've been hammering away at.
Double Screw.
So I'm up at oh five hundred trying to rewrite my danged first chapter. Again.
Right now, a half hour into my rewrite my first line is: Fuck a duck.
What promise does that make to you, my lovely reader?
Oh God.
Double Screw...driver.

Well, writers wrestle with craft everyday. So I thought today I might share the Amazon Freebies on writing craft for you all to set your own brains on fire.
Remember to check the prices if you're not clicking on the same day as the post since lots of free books are no cost during a short promotion.

Click on the covers to go straight to Amazon to download.

Write Good or Die

Not to scare you or anything. This is not a horror book. Unless of course you are actually a writer.  Actually out of all the books I'm listing today I've read this one and it is chock-a-block full of great little #pubtips. I copied my query letter right out of one of the posts.  It's funny and sad, made me laugh and cry.
I give this one five stars and a definite one-click of you're and author of any sort of metal.

Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers

It's be great if this book is useful at all. I'm downloading it, but don't know if Tymber knows her stuff or not. We'll see, eh?

Crafting Novels & Short Stories: Everything You Need to Know to Write Great FictionHey, those editors of Writer's Digest have some great books (they also have some useless crappy books too.) I'm gonna try this one, it sounds promising (and it's normally $19.99)

Secrets of Successful Writers

Sound kinda like 
Write Good or Die. 
Hey, how much advice do you need 
from those who've actually made it in this 
really, really, really, really difficult business?

So you want to write a novel...

Why, yes. Yes, I do want to write a novel. Will you do it for me and then give me all the credit and measly royalties?  Thanks.

Meet a Jerk, Get to Work, How to Write Villains and the Occasional Hero

This sounds promising, I love meeting jerks.

Telling Details, 2nd Edition

The description on this book says it "explains the use and misuse of factual information in fiction, particularly in romance fiction." That could be useful.

Let me know in the comments section if you download any of these books and I'll tweet out the author-reader love!
Also, I've only read one of these so far, so if you download any and read 'em, stop back by and leave a comment on what you though about it.



  1. Congrats on doign the Margie Lawson retreat.
    My friend is doing it this summer.
    I hear it's AWESOME.

    1. Thanks Tayrn. It was indeed A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Now that I'm back I'm trying my best to channel Margie as I dig into my re-writes. I wish someone would have taught me all this stuff three years ago when I first started writing. I'd recommend these classes to anyone!