Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrate the Titanic Centenary with a #FreeEbook

In a few weeks the world will attend art exhibits, walking tours, memorial concerts, take a cruise and of course go to the movies to mark the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the titanic.
RMS Titanic 

Me? I'll be reading.

I've always been fascinated with this story. One of the earliest romance novels I ever read was a Teen Romance in the Sunfire series called Nicole. 

Nicole (Sunfire, #19)

It was pretty much the same story James Cameron turned into his movie. I always figured he must have read it when he was a teenager too.

Click on the book cover to go straight to Amazon to download these free ebooks. Check the price if you're not reading the blog the day of the post as most books are only free for a few days.

I'm just sure I died floating away on an iceberg in a past life. No, salvaged door and whistle for me.  Maybe I was Maggie Murphy, an Irish immigrant seeking a new life in America.

Nah, she's fictional.

The Girl Who Came Home - A Titanic NovelBut her story is based on that which makes the best stories that last throughout time. Real life. The characters and fictional Irish village in The Girl who Came Home are all based on a real people, the Addergoole Fourteen. These lost souls came from a village near Killala in Co Mayo.  

Hazel Gaynor fictionalizes their tale through the eyes of Maggie Murphy, with flashbacks, flashforwards, letters from a lover, Maggie's private journal and actual telegrams from the ship. 

Trapped On the TitanicTrapped on the Titanic by Tammy Knox 
Callie Elizabeth is a typical eighth grader. While at a Titanic exhibit she finds herself alone, staring into the eyes of a crying photograph of a girl who looks remarkably like her.
Callie seeks out answers about the girl in the photograph, finding herself engulfed in family secrets, haunting visits, and espionage. What really happened as the majestic Titanic sank to its watery grave? 
With the help of a good friend, her grandmother's love of history, and her own keen perception Callie discovers that things are not always as they seem. Learning from the past, Callie is able to find treasures that have been hidden away for almost 100 years.

Ooh, You bet this one is on my TBR pile. I bet Callie is the cyring photograph girl re-incarnated!

Titanic...The Sinking of the Unsinkable: The Terrible Truth Behind the Tragedy that Shocked the World
Titanic: The Sinking of the Unsinkable by Dean King
This interesting little book is chock full with facts and figures plus a day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute of Titanic's fateful voyage. It has bunches of pictures and drawings to bring the ship to life. It's perfect non-fiction, especially if you need to do a report on the Titanic for school. Being a Titanorak myself, I learned all kinds of bit of interesting trivia I hadn't known before. The first few pages might trick you into thinking this is Hollywood hokie, but it's well researched and informative. It does have quite a bit of speculation by the author and some grammatical errors and typos, but they didn't detract from me learning more about this topic.
I give this one four stars. 

I'm totally siked to find free books that are well researched historical fiction and nonfiction in the upcoming weeks to celebrate my own Titanorak-ness. I probably go to the movie too. I'm a sucker for that 'I'm flying scene.'


  1. I love Titanic-lore even in fiction form. Thanks for sharing!

    1. As the anniversary gets closer I'm sure there will be even more free ebooks popping up in this sub-genre for us Titanoraks. I added a couple more today. Enjoy!