Monday, March 26, 2012

Get inside the insane(ly funny) brain of a copy editor #pubtip

If I wasn't a writer I'd be a copy editor. Except I never have known the difference between and em dash, an en dash and a hyphen, so I probably wouldn't ever pass the copy editor test at any reputable publisher.
However, since I am a writer, it's fascinating to me to get a glimpse inside the heads of all the people who are someday going to make my book great. I get some flashes inside the brains of agents by following Sara Megibow's #10QueriesIn10Tweets by reading Rachelle Gardner's blog and by sleeping with Donald Maass's Fire in Fiction under my pillow.  I've got similar stalker tendencies for editors too. Luckily Angela James hasn't taken out a restraining order on me yet so I can still go fawn over her at the CRW-HOD mini conference in May.
But I hadn't really thought much about your common garden variety copy editor until today.

Title: Moonlight Blogger
Author: Carol Fisher Saller
Genre: Non-fiction Publishing Blog
Publisher: Self pubbed

Moonlight BloggerReview: You might think a some blog entries from a copy editor might be dry and bland like your mom's meatloaf, but Carol F Saller is one juicy mama. She's funny, clever and pretty darn likeable. I want her to be my copy editor some day. (Do you do Romance novels Carol?)
Her techie tips are invaluable. Hooray for ctrl+z. Who knew?
But mostly I liked this little book for the tips I gained in being a writer and being a critique partner. My own manuscripts will likely be much more polished when I (finally) send them in. As a bonus, the changes I track to my critique group member's will have less gratuitous meddling. A time saver for me and an re-writing saver for them. Although possibly just less time swearing at me under their breaths.

My recommendations:
One-click this if your a writer or anyone else who aspires to have zen with the publishing world one day.
I give this four stars (I'll up it to five when Carol edits my book.)

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