Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ecletomania reading #Freebooks for all

Some readers find a genre that lights their fire (c'mon baby) and they stick with it. There's Romanceaholics, Mysterymamas, YAMinions, Classicophiles and Mangamaniacs. Then there's me (and probably you). Romance is definitely my drug of choice these days, but if you take a glance at my Goodreads currently reading list you'll see a mix of non-fiction humor, childrens' bedtime stories, romance, psychology and writing books. I call it eclectomania reading. I love it all. My home library proves it.

The freebies available that I thought looked good today cross some genres. Of course I'm still a sucker for a happily ever after, so it's mostly romance I've picked out. But getting to eat your fill of brains is a happy ending too isn't it?

Here are my picks for today. Click on the cover to go strait to Amazon to download any of these books. Make sure to check the prices before you download and a bunch of these are a one day freebie promotion. (You go on with your bad self, Evolved Publishing)

Wanted: Dead or UndeadWanted: Dead or Undead by Angela Scott
I haven't read this book yet, but I love Angela Scott's blog. She's the one who turned me onto Stephanie Mabey's Zombie Song. I'm super siked to see this book on the free list. It's going somewhere near the top of my TBR pile (if I can reach that high).  How can she miss with a category of YA Horror Zombie Western? (Obviously she can't. This book is getting great reviews)

Perfect for You (A Laurel Heights Novel)

Perfect for You by Kate Perry (no, I don't think Katie Perry has stopped writing love songs and started writing love books. There's no candy or fireworks on the cover, so it can't be her. Right? Damn, now I have that California Gurlz song stuck in my head.)
This contemporary Romance hasn't yet been rated by any Amazon readers, so judging a book by it's cover, this one has a pretty good one. The description sounds cute and well, the author has a black belt in some unpronounceable martial art, so you better read it or she'll kick your butt.

A Hidden Desire (The Harmonists)A Hidden Desire (The Harmonists) by Lisa Greer
Amish Romance is hot. No, not that way, I mean it's a really big deal these days. The Harmonists don't make awesome quilts you can by on ebay, but they do have strong religious convictions. They too fall in love. If you're up for some Inspirational Romance here's a new twist on a hot new trend for you.
Allegra's Song, A Regency Novella (The Drewe Sisters)
Allegra's Song by Alicia Rasley
I promised you Historical Romance and here it is. A Regency novella from a RITA award winning author. Need I say more? (Fine, I'll say one more thing. One-click this.)

Ireland RoseIreland Rose by Patricia Strefling
Tired of Regency (I'm not sure how that could happen, but maybe you went on a Regency binge and need a little break?) This Inspirational Romance is set in the 1880s, not in England, but in Am-er-i-ca. Gasp. I know. There's a bit in Ireland too, so don't worry, this historical will get you closer to mother England before the end of the book.

Dead Radiance (a Valkyrie Novel - Book 1)

If I'm a sucker for anything besides Regency and Zombies (have you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?) than a second close is anything having to do with Norse mythology. I want to be a Valkyrie when I grow up, and I don't mean the nazi-betraying Tom Cruise kind. Come on,  really? Getting to usher in and hang with dead Viking warriors. Sweet.
Plus, everyone is saying that this YA heroine, Bryn, is kick-butt.

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden #1)

What? What's that I see? The silver foil medallion of an award winner? Why, yes it is. Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade won the 2011 Forward National Literature Award. And lucky you, the sequel to this book comes out today so you don't have to wait around months and months like me to see what happens next. You get to experience mind reading Rent-a-Kid Sam and her hottie crush Drake in all their angsty YA-ness and just keep on reading instead of trying to send mental telepathy messages to Kimberly K urging her to hurry up and finish the next installment of the Forbidden guilty pleasure.

All Quiet in the Western TombAh, you know I couldn't resist, right?  You mix Classic with Zombie with Free and I am so there partying like it's 1919.

Let me know which books you picked. If you follow me on twitter I'll mention you and your pick there so we can share the love with the whole twitterverse.

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