Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zombie Love is the new Black

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Everyone will tell you - don't write to trends. (Well, except maybe Vampires) But please, I beg of you all out there writing Romance, please, write to this one.
Zombies are totally the new black, or the new vampires. (Oh, god, just don't make your zombies sparkle) Most of the books and stories out there are more like the old Romero zombie movies.

You know, zombie apocalypse, run from zombies, get down and dirty with hero or heroine who hasn't been bitten yet (but we all know he will), get cornered by 'em, hero makes a last stand, everyone else escapes, pine for the love you missed out on because now he's a zombie and you have to shoot him in the head.

What we've really been missing is the whole zombies who are in love stories. Yeah, you heard me, one-eyed, missing an arm, dangly man bits, zombie love.
God it could be so much fun.
Don't believe me?  Get a load of this killer song and video from Stephanie Mabey.

I've totally been looking for an excuse to blog that video for ever.
I just want your heart, I want your heart, I want ya.
Today, in free books I found the perfect excuse to share it. Yay! Now it can be stuck in your head for the next millenium too.

Title: Loved you for your Brain (short story)
Author: Damien Foyle
Genre: Zombies!
Length - shorty short
Publisher: Self Pubbed

Loved You for Your Brain (Short Story)Review:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
I heart Damien's zombies. Apparently they can still think, love and write. The narrator of this little ditty may be slow moving, looking for flesh to prey upon. But he's looking for more than just dinner, he's looking for a girl with brains.
A love letter from a zombie to the girl he's stalking. Brilliant, bloody brilliant.
I loved this story. I mean, come on. The first line is "You were on the run when I saw you for the first time." and it just gets better from there.
He even calls her babe.

My recommendations:
One click this one, read it, then go watch some old style Romero zombie flicks with a whole new perspective. Maybe those slow walking zombies just wanted those girls for their hearts...
I give it four stars.

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  1. This is really cool! I posted a zombie luv song on my blog today too. I didnt write it but it was the backdrop for a "moving collage" i made inspired by a book I read and reviewed "girls guide to dating zombies"
    i am glad we r finally learning how to date zombies & not JUST vamps & wolfs anymore!
    new follower <3