Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I lost my funny

I write Romance with humor. Well, most of the time. This last week, I've been doing tons of editing, had a roller coaster ride with my family, got a harsh critique from my group, got behind in the online writing workshop I'm taking, thought about running away to Turkey and somewhere in there, I lost my funny.

Not a damn word I wrote over the last seven days was worth a giggle, titter, guffaw or even a hoot.
I gotta fix that. Like ASAP.

Life can be stressful at times, and for a writer, where emotions are king, everything bleeds onto the page. Here's one author's take on it. Is Depression Lurking Between the Lines?
Yikes. Writers are one of the top ten careers with the highest rate of depression. Thanks for that Sylvia Plath.

I started thinking about how I deal with emotions.
1. Cry
I'm a cryer. Happy, sad, weddings, movies, books, touching commercials = tears
2. Clean
I had a fight with my teenager the other day. I hated it. I cried later standing in my walk-in. But my closet simply sparkles now.
3. Swear
I know naughty words in four different languages. I use them.
4. Read
The ultimate in escapism.

That's my short list. But where in there can I get my groove back? You got it. Big ole number four.
I'm striving to find my funny (and my happy) so I'm only reading laugh out loud books.
Top o' my list is my fav funny Romance author. Katie MacAlister.  (I even wrote her a fangirl email telling her I read her books when I'm sad to make me laugh.)
But, Katie's books aren't free. Although they are people-look-at-me-strangly-while-I-snort-reading-in-Starbucks funny.
Since this blog is currently dedicated to free reads, today I bring you some free laughs courtesy of Amazon and some guy named Mike.

Title: The Dictionary of Jokes
Author: Michael Oduah
Genre: Humor
The Dictionary of JokesThis anthology of jokes definitely has all the classics. I love blond jokes and man jokes and dirty jokes and, oh, I like 'em all. It's good for some laughs. I hoped that I'd be embarrassingly laughing out loud while sitting in the public library, but I didn't happen. I smiled a lot. A few giggles here and there. Quite a few eye rolls. You've probably heard most of the ones in here. This little ebook tome is a little hint of nostalgia to the days we all sat around gulping down jello shots, sitting in a circle on someone's dorm room floor trying to get the cute guy from across the hall to smile.

Sure, give this book a one-click, while it's free. If your feeling blue, you might even pay a couple of bucks for it (but not the digital list price of $9.99 - you could surf the internet and find all the same ones, but probably with pictures and have lunch for that much!)
I give it 4 stars, just cause it brightened my day.

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