Friday, February 10, 2012

My ole friend BoB

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I've downloaded books from lots of different websites.  Long ago, in a galaxy far far away (read: when I moved to Vietnam four years ago) my family bought gift certificates for e-book stores for my birthday and holiday presents. Books on Board, ah my old friend BoB, has been through it's ups and downs. But overall they have quite a few good quality books. But, they weren't big on freebies. Until recently.
Much to my surprise, flashing at the top of the monthly newsletter I get from them was a huge FREE E-BOOKS banner. YeeHaw.
I clicked it.
I got some new books, for FREE. Yay.
Click this insane banner here and it'll take you to the same newsletter I get with a list of their freebies (and links for some cheap reads too.

Here are the books I chose from the freebie list. As always click on the book cover to go directly to the BoB sight. If you're not clicking the day of the original post check the price.
Cover Image of Dangerous Angels with Bonus Materials eBook, by Block, Francesca Lia Cover Image of Life\'s a Beach: Limited Edition eBook, by Cook, Claire Cover Image of 1936... On the Continent eBook, by Fodor, Eugene
Cover Image of The French Maid eBook, by Jeffries, Sabrina Cover Image of A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance eBook, by Warren, Nancy, Spencer, Catherine, Moore, Margaret Cover Image of The Marvelous Land of Oz eBook, by L. Frank Baum

I did have a problem downloading a couple of the books. Also, if you click on the link to get the Kindle book it takes you straight to Amazon. LOL.
The files are Adobe Epub, so you'll have to download Adobe Editions to read them if you don't have an e-book reader that reads that kind of file. (My Sony PRS-505 reads epubs). Here's the link if you want to download the Adobe reader.

The one thing I most excited about on this new resource is that the books are not self pubbed.  Now you know I'm a self pub fan, but sometimes I want something that I know has been professionally edited and had a book cover done for it. Of course you still have to weed through the to find the gems and get rid of the stinkers, but there's a comfort zone there.
So have fun with this new resource, you know I will.

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