Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laughs at the Speed of Twitter

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I love twitter for a variety of reasons. It gives me a way to build my author platform, I get tons of publishing industry news, there are contests galore to win free books, and it gives me the greatest writing procrastination outlet ever. But most of all I like twitter because in 140 characters I can be ROFLing, LMAOing and LOLing. (especially on #mancandymondays)

I strive everyday to write funny. I don't have any formulas, I've never taken any classes, for me, right now, it's all very organic. I love to read funny, so I try to write funny. I'm sure someday when my big not so scary publisher tells me to I'll have to figure out the science of humor, but for now, my only studies are RomComs, Humor books, Laugh out Loud Romance novels (my favorite), and of course twitter.

My chosen professor and textbook in the study of funny for today is a free e book for my Kindle.

Title: Two-Fisted Tweets
Author: James Hutchings
Genre: Humor 
Publisher: Self Pubbed

Two-Fisted TweetsI'm not sure if 30 sentences counts as a book, but they definitely count as a laugh. I found James Hutchings one line stories funny enough, I tweeted a bunch of them as fast as my two fists could type. These aren't crass one line jokes, they are witty and clever and had me literally LOLing. Plus I like the genre-mashing retro cover.
I'll share my favorite line here, then you can download the book for the rest of them.

"Rotting hands reached from the darkness. At last, someone was attracted to her for her brains."

Ah, I told you Zombies are the new black.
Actually it was a three way tie between this snort inducer, the one about chocolate cake, and the one about the Sasquatch. 
Enticed? You should be. 

One-click this one right now. Then email the author and ask him to release the next in the series I've titled "Three-fisted Tweets". Which will be three times as long and triple the laughs.
I give this book four stars. It's only missing that fifth because its too dang short.

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