Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Ebooks (that you won't have to pay for) #LuckydaysIBCFreeParTay

Yesterday I hopped onto a blog I saw in the twittersphere by author Mimi Barbour on why book descriptions are important. 
Not only did I get some good insight on Amazon blurbs but I also found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Read: Free Books)
Mimi is offering up her Contemporary Romance (with paranormal elements) My Cheeky Angel. I love her writing style, I'm jealous of her writing style, I want to beat her and steal her writing style for my very own.
Click on the pic to download her book.
My Cheeky Angel - Angels Love Romance (Angels with Attitudes) 
It's a more than friends story. I love those. So I clicked to download it, and got sent to the Free Partay website.
I love discovering new resources for free ebooks, I've got this post and this post and this post, oh and that post and that post over there on where and how to feed your e-reader addiction for zero dinero.

That's what this site and Free Partay are all about. Their tagline reads - Your Source of Quality Free Ebooks !!!. Did we mention Free???
While I think they went a little overboard with the punctuation excitement I still vow to be bestest friends with them.

They are hosting Lucky Days - OMG, it's like forty-two pots of gold and a handsome, hunky leprechaun boyfriend.
From March 14th-18th they have more free Romance ebooks than I can read in a month. (and you know me, that's a truckload and a half)

I downloaded two box sets, one historical and one paranormal, four other historicals, four romantic suspense, five contemporaries, one other paranormal and two urban fantasies. (There were about five other one's I already had) and they were all FREE!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (and I don't mean it in the Irish sense)

So my friends, click away. Get yourself some free romances for St. Patrick's day. I'm sure he would approve.

Because I love free ebook resources so much, if you leave me a comment on where you feed your need to read for free here (and your twitter name) I'll tweet you for the whole twitterverse to share.


  1. Thanks for sharing! You are not alone on the addiction. Heading there RIGHT NOW!!!! LOL

  2. Had fun with your post! Already have the book but it is a great idea isn't it! Thanks for heads up!
    laura thomas