Monday, January 16, 2012

The Enablers or where I get my free ebook fix

I'll tell you right now, I don't spend hours searching amazon for them.  I got the hook-ups!

The first resource I found was on the Amazon discussion boards.  You can look for a post each day called FREE Books - (then the date).  For example today's is called

FREE Books - Monday, January 16, 2012

Somebody named Princess Joyce post these each day.  They include a list of urls that if you copy and paste into your browser will take you too a cool little site that lists all the free books of the day.
You can scroll through and click on the books that look interesting to you.
I like to click on the Covers option and peruse my way around till something catches my eye.  When something looks appealing, you can click on the cover and get the description of the book.
Once you discover Princess Joyce's posts you can also opt to have the lists emailed to you every day.  I love that feature.
These emails are where I get the majority of my free ebooks every day.

Also on Amazon in the Romance forum there is a FREE discussion.  They get a little distracted at times and go off on tangents about how to use their Kindles, but if you search through the posts a little bit you can find the some free Romance Novels. Be sure to sort by newest first or you'll get all excited about books (like Sandra Hill's Dixie Christmas) that are no longer free.

All Romance Ebooks has a free reads section.  They hide it way down at the bottom on the right hand side.
I like that you can sort the free reads by ratings, so it makes it easier to sort through the crap.
You have to subscribe to the site and login each time to get the books, but it's well worth it.
Once you go through the 492 step check out process you can download in a number of formats.  You can even have them email it straight to your Kindle, but make sure you add to your approved senders list.

Harlequin is offering 16 free of their books at  They'd like you to try a genre you haven't read before.  I, ah, downloaded them all.  

Thanks to my tweeps I discovered a new resource today.  There's a great wordpress blog called Free Kindle Books and Tips written by a self proclaimed "obese, gray-haired, and desk-bound guy in Texas…."  He also has book called Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them (or alternatively Free Kindle Books plus a few other tips) which is ironically 99 cents. 
His post today told me there were 60 free cookbooks available today on Amazon for the Kindle and then he gave me a link to them...all.
Smarty smart pants that he is there he also has a page with links for all sorts of genres.  I went a little crazy (ten new books) on the Romance link.

Finally, Book Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads are great places to get some free reads.  New authors love to post a link to their free books, you just have to watch for them.  On twitter, try the hastags #FREE, #giveaways #contest to find a few.  I enter tons of contests and win at least a couple of free books (some ebooks and some paperbacks) each month.  Once I even won 24 copies of Clan of the Cave Bear, by Jean M Auel.  I'm an Earth's Children ambassador!  (If you'd like copy I'd be happy to mail you one, just leave me a comment with your email addy so I can get your snail mail address).

If you've got other places to fine free ebooks drop me a comment.  I'm always excited to find another place to get my fix!

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  1. Awesome thanks so much for the links, I will certainly take advantage. And I did just receive my copy of Clan of the Cave Bear ;) Thanks!