Friday, January 13, 2012


Tryska-book-a-phobia:  The fear of having less then thirteen books to read on any given day.

That strange psychosis inducing little number thirteen doesn't scare me! (in fact, it's often been my lucky number), so what has me shakin' in my boots?

Not having enough to read. (oh, god, my heart is racing just writing it out loud)

Obviously I read a lot.  And now in the glorious age of the ebook, I read even more.
You should see my TBR pile, both the physical and electronic one.  They are ridiculously ginormous.  There is actually no way I will ever, ever, ever be able to read them all.  But I just can't pass up a good book.  So I get it, and into the pile it goes. (and that's totally not counting my Goodreads TBR shelf)
I can't even prioritize them.  Sometimes I even surprise myself with what I choose to read next.  There will be books I've been waiting for, longing to read, favorite author, and still they sit there while I read some unknown self pubbed book that just caught my attention.
Look!  Something shiny! *vroom*

So, today instead of reviewing a book, I'm going to let those freak colors fly and show you just how bad my addiction to free ebooks really is.
I know when I down load them I probably won't actually read 99% of them, but I just can't pass them up.

Here's the list of what I downloaded for free today from Amazon. Click on any of the covers to download them for yourselves.  Remember, many books are only free for a day, so if you're not clicking on Friday the 13th, be sure to check the prices!
Garters, Gunslingers, & GraceReal Intimacy: The 9 Habits of Great Relationships
Hollywood Scandals (Hollywood Headlines)The Perfect Dish
Net of LiesThe Spiral Tattoo
Opal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery)Dating Tips for Women: Amazon BestSeller
How To Achieve Amazing Female OrgasmsWelcome Home - Light BDSM Female Submission Male Dominant Erotica Romance
The Master's Wall (Iron & the Stone)See You At The Show
Bound by Blood (Paranormal Romance/Time Travel)Zombie Cinderella (Zombie Fairy Tales #1)
Seeing SpotsThe Bride and the Brute

Phew, it's eighteen books.  You know what that means.  No anti-anxiety pill popping for me today! (also, they fit so nicely onto the page, so that covers any OCD issues I have too.  If they hadn't I might have had to go 'buy' one more...
Yes, I have issues.

See, I told you I have an addiction.  But, come on, I mean, they are FREE!  Also, I actually passed up quite a few books, because, you know, I have to have a little (teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy) bit of restraint. Do realize, I searched through approximately 500 free ebooks today (and those aren't the classics that are always available) to find these 18 books.
I get my daily fix from a brilliant woman who posts lists on Amazon discussions everyday.  She's like my dealer, but I never have to call her with the shakes begging her to sport me just a little.
So, how in the world will I choose what to read next?  Eeny meanie miney mo?  Naw, just whatever I feel like.  Maybe The Perfect Dish, it's got a shiny cover, or The Master's Wall, it has great reviews on Amazon.
Probably the Zombie Fairy Tales book.


  1. I SO LOVE this post!
    I think we are twins!
    I have this phobia, I just never knew it had a name. LOL!
    This tryskabookaphobia may be the reasonI became a writer. I couldn't stand not having anything to read, but Braille books were in short supply in the 1970's, so I started making up my own stories.
    GREAT post!

  2. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website