Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wait...What have I gotten myself into?

Oh, goodness, what have I gotten myself into?  365 books in a year?

I've never done that before.  Last year I used the Goodreads Reading Challenge Widget to track how many books I finished, and I only got to about 120.  Even though I plan on reading my little heart out on my Kindle (that holy grail of free books on it) I plan to read lots of other stuff too.  I practically live at my local library ('cuz books are free there too!)  Plus I do occasionally splurge and actually buy a book now and then (read every week). And I have a huge, no, ginormous TBR pile at home. (Think hoarders, but just books)

Now a lot of the freebies are often short stories, so I'll definitely include tons of those.  I will not however include previews (I hate those) or samples (I like those).
I'll also try to review books that are currently available at the zero dollar price point, so you all can get them too.

I'm a ROMANCE writer and reader, so a huge majority of the books I download and will be reviewing are in that genre. I love just about all the subgenres there too.  My favs are definitely: Contemporary and Historical, but I love me a good Erotic Romance and have been known to read my fare share of Paranormals.
YA is the thinking woman's guilty pleasure, so there will be some teenage angst thrown in the midst.  I've also got a six year-old nephew at home, who I read a bedtime story to most nights, so I gotta throw in some children's books too.  And really, Zombies are the new black.

I will include in each review (and will take suggestions on anything else you all want to see here)
A link to the book - Just click on the picture
First Lines: (I love them!)
My recommendation:
Link to the book:

I will also post my reviews to Amazon and Goodreads.

If you are an author and would like me to read your book, just let me know the details and when it will be free on Amazon. I don't make any promises that I will review it, or even read it and no, I don't take bribes.
I'm not getting anything from Amazon, the publishers of the book or the authors for doing these reviews.
The books are free at the time of the writing of the blog post, but check closely if you go onto Amazon as prices change at anytime.

I'd love to hear from you all.  So feel free to comment away!

Wish me luck.
I'm gonna need it.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome challenge for yourself! I myself made a challenge and made it only about half way thru the year, nothing big...I like to draw, so I started a drawing blog, I'll submit this comment with my blog name, I really intend to get back into, just towards the last half of the year, I ran out of steam and because of work too (I work a 2nd shift, so I get home late and have to get stuff done, etc.) anyway, I saved your blog in my favorites and I also followed you on Twitter so hope to hear lots about some good books you are reading ;)

    Good Luck!