Monday, January 30, 2012

Aphrodisiac Foods - It's research, I swear!

I'm a Romance writer. I do lots of research. (and yes, yes you can help)

I download a lot of the free books on dating, sex tips, relationships and this week, unexpectedly, food.  Hey, my characters need to be well informed on all the arts of love. The series I'm working on now is about sexy chefs.  So I could not pass up the free reads on sexy foods.

Titles: Mrs Nices' Sexy Vegetables (Sexy Foods: Eat your Way to Ecstacy) & Mrs Nices' Fruits for Fruitiness
Author: Judy Marks
Genre: Umm, Self-help Cookbooks?
Publisher: Self pub
Mrs Nices' Sexy Vegetables (Sexy Foods: Eat Your Way To Ecstasy)Mrs Nices' Fruits For Fruitiness
I certainly learned a lot about the aphrodisiac properties of  fruits & veggies (and other foods that we don't have a good category for like beans and mushrooms) and I now know a whole lot on the history of apples.
Some of the foods listed had some fun details from history on why we believe they have qualities to increase the libido, others had a couple of sentence blurb. I felt like the author got a little lazy with the veggie book in this, just wanting to throw in some recipes and fill up the pages.
My personal favorite entry was the bit about onions. Since today most people think of onions as a turn off (stinky onion breath is the worst), it was interesting to read about how Ancient Greeks and Romans used it like viagra.
Also, I love that I now know the ancient Aztecs call the avocado plant testicle tree.
I didn't like the authors punctuation/grammatical error in naming her books.  Her 'name' is Mrs Nice, thus her books should be called Mrs Nice's blah blah blah. But nobody's perfect. As I found when researching this semi-notrious author. To see more read this article in the Guardian. Seems our friendly author "was, until recently, married to the notorious drug smuggler Howard Marks..."
My guess is she's just trying to find a new way in the world by publishing ebooks.  She's got a whole series of Mrs Nice titles which are a priced a bit too high for what you're getting (unless of course you got them for free, then it's just right.)
My recommendations:
I can't tell you to one-click this one, it's only free for Amazon Prime members. But keep and eye out, Mrs Nice seems to be doing some promotional marketing work, and I bet these books will pop up again for free for everyone.
This little, quick read, is a nice start if you're interested in researching sexy foods, but don't pay for it, as you could get a bunch of the same info by searching the internet, watching a little Food Network and perusing your cupboard filled with cookbooks. (Oh, you don't have 42 -to the third power-  cookbooks in your kitchen where your food and dishes should be?  Well, come on over to my house. I'll share)
I give this one three stars.

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