Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Stories

I've been downloading kids books so the next time my nephew and I end up out shopping with my teenage niece we'd have something to do besides go blind from all the neon orange and green (Dude, It's awesome).

Last night for bed we read a couple of them. Good thing the Pickle (my nephew) will listen to just about anything to get out of actually having to go to bed.
The Adventures of Leaf Man
Title: The Adventures of Leaf Man
Author: Rebecca Shelley
Publisher: Wonder Realms Books
Length: Pretty short

Some silly fairy (read dumb bitch with a wand and some wings) creates leaf man then leaves him hanging. (Ha!  See what I did there)  Leaf man only has the day to live and while pondering great things ends up helping some lost little girl get home.

This read like a golden book ,and I probably would have liked it better if it had been.  I was irritated the fairy got bored with her new sentient being and flitted of to play with someone else (presumably Puck).

Here's the first line -
"One Fall day, a thoughtless fairy played in the leaves."
         Okay, I gotta admit, that got me hooked.  Why are fairies so thoughtless?  I kinda wish the author would right another book giving this fairy her come uppance.  It could be a good kids' story, right?

 I also didn't like that Leaf Man got suckered into helping some lost little girl get home. Why are all the women in his life so flaky? I had a hard time deciding if the girl was a toddler or older and spent most of the story wondering why her parents didn't have the police and the neighbors out looking and an Amber Alert blaring across all the media.
However, the story has a redeeming ending (which I won't spoil) but was really the best part of the whole book.

Yeah, One-click this one and read it to your young kids at bed time, it will leave them warm and fuzzy, but asking for more since it's so short.  (There is a teaser for a longer story by the author in the file as well, but I don't do teasers)
Don't think I'll look for more from this author, unless of course Golden books decides to pick her up and get some awesome illustrations.
I'm giving this three stars.

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