Saturday, January 14, 2012

I suck, but this book doesn't.

I apologize profusely.  I got a little behind in my posts.  I've been flurrily (yes that's a real word even if spell check doesn't like it!) reading books for a contest I'm judging, and put this post off.  I suck, sorry.

And because I suck, this book is no longer free on Amazon. (although if you're an Amazon Prime member you can borrow it for free).

All right, you all know how I love free ebooks.  But today, I'm telling you to buy this one.
If I had more than five stars to give, I would give this one, like, infinity stars.
You know what, I'm gonna give it infinity stars.  Wait a minute while I go find some clip art for that.

Title: Hatter
Author: Daniel Coleman
Genre: Classics Retold/ YA
Publisher: Self Pubbed (and if this book was submitted to publishers and rejected, shame on them, if it was never submitted, well, you go Daniel!)
Length: 213 pages
The iconic Mad Hatter, at twenty, sets out to save the kingdom complemented by the enigmatic Knight of Hearts, Chism.
While Hatta (I love how the author played on the British English pronunciation here) is one of the main characters of this book, and it is essentially his story, the tale would be nothing without 15 year-old boy soldier, Chism.
Chism, is to me, the perfect character.  Every author's dream, every reader's fantasy.
The author could have given us that bitter one note righteous soldier.  The story still would have been slightly interesting.  But this wonderful, broken, soldier savant who counts his steps, doesn't like to be touched and carries a sword named Thirsty is so complex, yet completely sympathetic.  He is Wonderland's answer to our world's Dexter-Clark Kent-Holden Caulfield-SEAL Team Six.
I thoroughly enjoyed exploring madness with the whole cast of Looking Glass characters, and in fact appreciated the absence of Alice.
A million thanks for making me sympathetic to the Queen of Hearts.  I love when you can make me really feel for a consummate bad girl.
Daniel Coleman you are the next Gregory Maguire.

My recommendations:
Run, don't walk, saunter, sashay or shimmy your way over to Amazon and buy, yeah, that's right, buy, this book.  Then read it, nonstop.
I know the whole point of free books is to tempt me to buy other books by the same author, but you know what, I never have before.  Until today.  I immediately bought Daniel Coleman's other Wonderland book, Jabberwocky.  I can't wait to read it and anything else he comes out with.
Bring it on Mr. Firefighter who can write, bring it on.
This book gets infinity stars from me! (Here's the cool graphic you've been waiting for)

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