Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tebow would love this one!

In today's world of high speed, low drag personal and professional lives it's easy to get stressed, worried, sick, tired and downright depressed.  More so when you've got a big event coming up in your life, like a wedding, graduation, book release. (oh, that last one is just my wishful thinking)  We all need ways to center and balance our lives.
It's also easy, especially in America these days, to feel like Christianity is shoved down our throats.  Yeah, I'm looking at you Tim Tebow.  So, it's nice when you come across a nice and tranquil way to get closer to God.

This one is available only at the author's website.  Click on the pic of the cover to go there.

Title: PrePrayed: Preparation for Life's Events, a 30-day Guide 
Author:Shannon Milholland
Genre:Christian Prayer Guide
Publisher:Self pub
Length: approx 35 pages

PictureThis prayer guide calls you our right away on all those feelings we squelch in our hectic lives and gives some little Christian ditties to get you through.  
Shannon Milholland asks faithful readers to prepare themselves for life's big events not only logistically but spiritually. 
Worried, Weary, Anxious and Frazzled are descriptors for the followers on the first four days.  I found these and each additional day really called me out on emotions so many of us keep bottled up inside.
My only wish for this book would have been some sort of progression.  Assuming I start Prepraying, I'd hope over the course of the month I'd make some progress in overcoming those dark roads.  However, the very last day's absolution didn't exactly leave me feeling ready for that following big day. I did like that each day was short, sweet and to the point.  This would make a great flip calendar that you give a glance everyday. Since it's available in PDF you could just print it right up and hang it say, over your desk, or on your bathroom mirror. There's no long diatriabes or intense activities.  Get in, get out, make your day a little better.

My recommendation:
If you are a Christian looking for a little guidance for your daily prayers, and especially if you've got one of those BIG moments in life upcoming, you'll love this book.  
I give this one four stars.

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