Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Ultimate in Free Ebooks

I took a free class at the library today (Thanks, Sheena), and was reminded of the Carnegian awesomness.
I sit at the library almost everyday working, reading, blogging, I even got asked out there once.
I'll let you in a little known secret. The library is THE BOMB for free ebooks.

No, not paperbacks, not hardcovers, not encyclopedias. Ebooks.
Even if your library is some tiny one room backwoods library, if it's funded by the government they probably have something like Overdrive. Basically a giant online library where you can check out books to read on your computer or e-reader.

My local library is called Anythink.  I heart it.  It's not the kind with stuffy old ladies who have chains hanging off their glasses walking around shushhing you. Join the revolution (and the 21st century).
(Click on their pretty picture)------------------------->

One of the problems with the world of free ebooks is sometimes (always) it's hard to get the hot new bestseller. Every once in a blue moon, when the Jupiter aligns with Mars some publisher will do a promo giving away a hot new book for free.The chances are few and far between. Not so at the library. It's sort of their responsibility to make sure their collection is current and trendy (it's actually a real job called Collection Development, of which I can only dream) so patrons have access to the latest and greatest books out there. Sometimes you have to wait just a little while, since the library only has so many copies and with bestsellers everyone wants to read them.  My secret- I reserve it while it's still on order from the publisher. (Shh, don't tell)

This month I've checked out these three books from my library to read on my e-reader. Click on the pics to see them in Overdrive.

Click image to view full cover

There are thousands and thousands more titles. I'm thinking of putting a few more titles on reserve. 'Cuz I don't have enough to read. (No, don't look at the giant pile of books on the floor next to my bed. Hey, the 492 books on my Kindle totally don't count.)

"But you don't actually own these books, like you do the other ones you download for free." I hear you say.

Yeah, but 2 things.
A. We all know Kindle removes books you put in your archives (randomly as far as I can tell) and somehow, they actually still own these books not me.  I don't get it, I don't try to get it, it hurts my head.

2. Do you have any idea how many books I own? It's a little ridiculous. So if I borrow a book now and then instead of buying it (or begging for it, or stealing it) or downloading it for free, it's actually gonna help keep my shelf space (virtual or real) free for all the other books I want.

3c. If I tried to buy these books it would have cost me...let's see, add the 3, carry the 1...where's my calculator?  Needless to say too much money.  Whereas my library membership is ffffffrrrrrrreeeeeeeee.
When you download library books they are never late (it automatically returns itself after a specified number of days) so there is no chance of overdue fines. (Although, my cool library doesn't even have fines)
Another reason I like the library for ebooks...I think its way better than the Amazon Kindle lending library. I still haven't figured that out. What do you mean I'm a Prime member and I can only borrow one book at a time, once a month?  Whatever, I can borrow zillions of books from the library.

If you are disappointed with the array of free Kindle and Nook books, don't feel like being a pirate (yarr) and your Amazon gift cards from Christmas have all run out then head on down to your local library, get yourself a card and start downloading. (Once you have the card you don't ever have to go back to the library again if you don't want to.  They do have loads of books you can touch and stuff, if you like that sort of thing. Freak.)
What are you still doing here?  Go.

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  1. Yeah! I have yet to actually buy a book for my Kindle. Love the library and thanks for all the free book tips Amy!