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FREE is good, but SEALs are better

I'm a poor starving artist, living off the kindness of my family so that I can try to get a book published.  For a long time I lived abroad.  I spent a few years in Eastern Europe and even longer in South East Asia.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my freedom as an American.  In large part the liberty I enjoy is due to the work and sacrifices of our military men and women. Without there sacrifices I wouldn't be able to travel the world, write about what I want to or even decide what I want to wear on any given day.
So I say thanks to them.  A million trillion thanks.

I scrape and save, and try to spend my money wisely.  I also think it's very important to share what we have in the world with those in need.  There are so many charitable causes out there to choose from, and we must all make the personal choice which to support.  Most of my efforts and funds when I have them go to Breast Cancer Research, since it's personally effected my life. But it's hard to ignore those Sarah McLachlan commercials with the poor little puppies and kitties.  And Lord knows I'd like to feed every starving child.  How could I pass up a chance to help someone learn to read?  So many choices, so little money.
Anytime there is a chance to help by doing or buying something I needed anyway, that's the perfect opportunity.  And if it involves two of my favorite things (no, not chocolate and red wine) - Romance novels and Navy SEALs, well, count me in.
SEAL of my Dreams does just that.  All proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the Veterans Research Corporation.

So, today's selection isn't free.  But it is Kindle's Deal of the Day, so right now, it's only 99 cents.
I applaud the efforts of the authors who wrote this book and am proud of the work of VRC I'll give the first five people who comment and join my blog a Kindle copy of this book.
This contest will only run the rest of today, and you must leave me the email address you use for your Kindle account so I can gift you the book today.

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Title: SEAL of my Dreams
Author: 18 authors
Genre: Military Romance
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

SEAL of My DreamsI first fell in love with reading romance novels about Navy SEALs with Suzanne Brockmann's SEAL Team Ten books.  To this day I still automatically buy anything she puts out.  But since Suz's books are on a little hiatus as we wait for her new series to start I've been perusing my way through some of the other SEAL romances.  There are a lot.  Thank goodness.
However, not all of them are good.  So I had a little trepidation going into this book.  Surely some of them would be poopers, right?
Wrongo.  I can honestly say I completely enjoyed every single one of these stories. My only wish for this book is that it was longer (or that the authors would turn each and every one of the stories into a full length novel for my own personal enjoyment).  Oh, and the picture on the cover, it's real.  Taken by a photographer in Fallujah, and ran in the NY Times. Author Christie Ridgeway saw it and feeling very, 'uh, patriotic' worked with other authors to create an anthology to support charity.  See their story at
Because I loved all these stories so much I'm going to tempt you a little with some first lines! (and my first thoughts on reading them)

"America is in love with the Navy SEALs."  -Robyn Carr, Forward
        Well, I know I'm in love with them.

"Nick DeMarco had been to the most hellish corners of the earth, had witnessed the horrors people could inflict on one another." - Jami Alden, Coming Home
         Aw, poor thing. Come here, I'll comfort you.

"Beneath his U.S. Navy SEALs T-shirt, Seaman Barry Ballentine's heart thudded against his breastbone." - Stephanie Bond, Baby I'm Back
        Yeah, my heart is thudding too.

"Cort Ramsey was not having a good day." - Kylie Brant, SEALed Fates
          He may not be having a good day, but I am, 'cuz well, I get to read about how hot he is.

""Four minutes twenty-five seconds, Griggs. ..."" - Helen Brenna, Going Dark
          Oh, four minutes in heaven.

"Megan White balanced her palms on her desk, kicked off her three-inch back pumps, and nearly groaned in relief."  HelenKay Dimon, Finding Home
        I feel ya girl.

"Luke Coulter was no poet." - Cindy Gerard, SEALed with a Kiss (A Black Ops, Inc. story)
            I don't need bed.

""You've got that low-crawl down real good, ma'am, very fine action on the move. ..." - Tara Janzen, Panama Jack
           Hey, Jack. I can low-crawl too.

"Tanner Boudreaux wasn't intimidated by much." Leslie Kelly, Wrapped and SEALed
           Intrigued, aren't you?

"Skylark Springs hadn't changed one damn bit." - Elle Kennedy, Worth the Risk
          Oh, but I bet it's about to change...

Teri Stokes stopped the rented box truck in front of her parent's house, fearing she'd arrived to late."  - Alison Kent, Twenty-one Hours
           Dun, dah dah dah!  SEAL to the rescue!

"He'd taken his time driving up the mountain." Jo Leigh, Not Waving But Drowning
           Oh, he can drive up my mountain any time.

""The captain has determined that the Ambassador is in imminent danger of being discovered and that we must act now before dawn."" - Gennita Low, Her Secret Pirate (A Crossfire SEAL Story)
            I'll be the Ambassador, and you can come and save me!

"Operation "Dumb Broad" was underway." - Marliss Melton, SEALed by Fate
           Is this gonna be anything like Operation "Hot SEAL"?

"Thanksgiving is turning into a real turkey, Mandy Warner thought, as another explosion in her uncle's neighborhood rattled the tiny basement window and sent down a shower of plaster dust. - Christie Ridgeway, Signed, SEALed, Delivered...I'm Yours.
          I bet she's gonna have something to give thanks for, in the form of a yummy SEAL.

"Jessie spied the truck through the window - nothing ostentatious, just a solid, late-model truck that any number of men might drive." - Barbara Samuel, Dog Heart
            I love a SEAL in a late-model truck, or out of one, or next to one, or under one...

"Billie waited until the last possible moment to delay the inevitable." - Roxanne St. Claire, Whirlwind
            Yeah, baby!

""We're going to be delivering this baby," she heard Nick say, and his brother's answer was in typical Jake fashion, "You've got to be kidding me with that shit."" - Stephanie Tyler, Holding On
           LOL, I don't think he's kidding.

I'm gonna give you just a little bit more than the first line on this one, because, well, I want to.
""I'm Ellie Winters, your host every Friday night at eleven, and you're listening to Your Call on CKNW 97 AM." Ellie reached for the console cueing the music. "This last request is for Marcia whose son's plan was shot down over Iraq in 1991. Captain Nick Morgan is still missing."" - Loreth Anne White, Letters to Ellie
             Aw, this one is gonna be a tear-jerker.
Whew, eighteen stories. I had to limit myself to one a night when this book first came out so I could make it last.  I cheated a bit, like I read it in two night.  Totally worth it.

My Recommendations:
I actually paid full price for the paperback copy of this book, so yeah, I think you should spend the 99 cents today to buy it.  It's going to a good cause.
I give this book five stars.

Okay, leave me your comments, join the blog via GFC or follow by email so I can send you a 99 cent Kindle copy of this awesome book! (Remember to leave me your Kindle email)


  1. As Americans, I think sometimes we take for granted the freedoms we enjoy, and how we got those freedoms. I have two nephews who served in Iraq on 3 tours of duty between them. I know the sacrifices their families made and the emotional toll it took on them, especially my sister. These are true heroes. Thanks for the focus you're bringing to this and thanks for the giveaway.
    Following by email and GFC

  2. I have been wanting to read this. Glad to hear another good review. That always helps me make my decisions before reading. New follower.

    Are you gifting through Amazon? I have a Kindle app, but not an actual Kindle yet. If so, you can gift to Thanks much! Also, after I read it, if I like it enough, I will gift it to a few friends to help support the cause. :)


  3. Wow! You were fast! Thanks very much! :)

  4. I have heard wonderful things about this book and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    GFC; Jennifer K

  5. Book looks great! Hmm...let's see if I make #5.

  6. I remember when this first came out, I really wanted to read about the SEALs and how their work affects their lives...I would still love to read it! :) I am a current follower of your blog also.


  7. Congrats to everyone who won a copy of this great book. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you love this book as much as I did!

  8. You're awesome Amy! Thanks so much...going to be driving from Phx. to Vegas this weekend and hopefully will get some time to read and this will keep me entertained :)