Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spicy Regency - Yummm

Wanton Wives: An Anthology of Regency Erotic Short StoriesTitle: Wanton Wives: An Anthology of Regency Erotic Short Stories
Author: Catherine Gayle
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Pages: Around 80

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge lover of the sweet Regency Romances of someone like Julia Quinn. All virtuous and virgins, but I love me a good Post-Napoleonic roll in the hay.
Catherine Gayle's delivers those yummy Regency men we all like to swoon over and a bit more than a romp in the hay in her short stories.  
Often times in short stories or anthologies we readers just don't get enough time to connect with the characters, and in erotic romance it's often just about the sex.  But these vignettes all go together under the guise of a weekend party (which I wish I'd been invited too) so we get a taste and a flavor of these young ladies and their husbands.  That's right, you heard me right.  Husbands.  
This isn't some nasty (although heart-throbbing) rake de-flowering simpering young misses.  This is husbands and wives getting down and dirty.  And I loved that about this book.  It's not whores, it's not about anybody getting cuckolded.  It's good clean *ahem* fun.
Yes, it is about the sex, but for each couple I truly got a feel for their emotions, their wants and needs and not just the ones below the waist.  The author really gets inside these characters head, not just their pants.

I love first lines.  If they hook me, I'm in.  (A great note for all the authors out there, including myself)

Since this is an anthology of short stories we get a bunch of the little gems.
Here are a few fun first lines from the book to tantalize you and some comments from me, just for fun.

"Envy had never been high on Judith Lipscombe's list of priorities." 
                     Oh, come on, I can see her turning green from way over here.

"Vivian tolled over and tried to block out the sounds coming from the suite next to hers."
                Ooooh, oh, yes, yes, yes. *blush*  

""Tell us something delicious," Judith, Lady Lipscombe said to Elaine."
              Now, you know these ladies are not swapping recipes for plum pudding here!

"Audrey Veazy had always considered herself to be a very open-minded woman - at least she normally did when in comparison to her contemporaries."
              Oh, I have a feeling her mind is gonna get a lot more open before this story is over.

"Naomi's hand shook as the butler led her to the ballroom entrance, looking out upon the crush of lords and ladies."
          I love a good ball.  Especially when I know it's going to lead to more balls. *wink wink*

All right, so my mind is firmly in the gutter.

My recommendations:
I really loved this one, and I probably would have paid for it.
I'll most likely go search this author out and buy more of her work.
This one earns five stars from me!

Also, since this is my very first book review EVER!  I'm doing a little giveaway.
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    The editor side of me is wondering why Naomi's hand was looking out upon the crush of lords and ladies and if it could see very well when it was shaking. And was it both hands? Or just one? ;-)

  2. Hi Amy,
    Congrats on your first post! This sounds like a great book. I love an intriguing first line too, something to pull you in from the get-go.

  3. That sounds like a great book of stories to read *rushes over to get it* thanks for the review and I also love those first lines, you just know you're getting into something good when one really reels you in ;)
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  5. Hi Amy -- welcome to blogging!