Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Addiction

"Hello, my name is Amy"

                           "Hello, Amy."

"I have an addiction."

*sigh* "I'm addicted to free books on Amazon."

       various gasps, groans, and I think that woman over there might have fainted

Yes, it's true.  I can't help myself, I just have to download free books from Amazon.  Lots and lots of free books.

Here is what led me to this burgeoning obsession.
A. I'm a writer, which also means I'm a reader.
Writers must read lots and lots to keep up with their markets, and to hone their craft, get inspiration and support their fellow authors.  Books are our lifeline into the harried and ever changing world of publishing.

B.Oh, who am I kidding, I just love to read.

C. I'm a starving artist.
After living abroad for five years (Vietnam and Poland) the good ole US of A called me back.  To a horrible economy and high unemployment.
While I work diligently in an industry that after years of frustration and rejection will lead me to teeny tiny advances and the promise of incomprehensible royalty reports, frugality is the key.

When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.
Desiderius Erasmus

Hey, I could have turned into one of those couponing fiends.

D. I got a Kindle for Christmas.
I knew what Santa was putting in my stocking this year (since I ordered it and stuffed it in there myself)
Days before the jolly old elf would bring me my gift I started trolling Amazon for free books in their Kindle store.  Who knew there'd be over 300...every day?

With the new year comes the resolutions.
This year, I'm skipping the work out, eat healthy, be kind to small dogs and children promises that inevitably fall by the wayside before we even hit February.  This year I'm gonna have a resolution I can actually stick with.
Read.  Everyday.
Write. Everyday.

So in the spirit of turning my addiction into a helpful and happy habit, I'm going to blog 365 days of Kindle Freebies.
I'll read 'em, I'll rate 'em, I'll give you the link to get it for yourself.
And in return, I'd love if you'd leave comments (feel free to let me know about other free books!)

Here's to the zero dollar and zero cent one click!

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  1. "Welcome to the RA 12-Step Program, where we SUPPORT your addiction, not try to break you of it! You've come to the right place."

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Amy. You've inspired me to revive my blogspot too!