Saturday, January 21, 2012

Does this book make my butt look big?

We've all seen that men's magazine feature telling us to eat this whole grain bread with jam rather than the whole grain pop tart or the yogurt commercials filled with swapportunity.
When it comes to the world of e-books there are so many danged choices of books out there, and if you download them all your kindle will be filled up to spilling over within weeks. (Not that this has happened to me or anything.)  So I'm introducing a new feature on 365 Days, called One click this, not that.  I'll show you a couple of books available that day which I've read and let you know which one (in my opinion) is worth the one click.

Today's edition is for Big Girls.  There are a lot of us out there.  We are big, beautiful women.  We have the same worries women of all sizes have.  Do I really have to get married and have kids to have a fulfilling life? How am I going to pay off my mortgage in today's horrible economy?  Should I get that tattoo on my lower back removed?
Today I bring you the ultimate big girl question.  Does this book make my butt look big?

Bariatric Surgery - Around The World One Of The Most Important Medical Procedures That Is Used To Deal With Morbid Obesity Is Bariatric Surgery-You Have To Read This BookvsBig Girls Bounce

Bariatric Surgery:                              vs. Big Girls Bounce:
All about bariatric procedures                   Plus sized tales for troubles times

Author: Mary Lime                            vs.                         Lulu Dean

Genre: Diets & Weight Loss                vs.                         Humor

Publisher: Self Pub                            vs.                        Self Pub

Length: 28 pages                               vs.                         46 pages

Reviews: Okay, I was all excited to give a big girl power speech and tell you to skip the weight loss book and read some funny stories from a BBW perspective, but honestly I can't recommend either of these books. The Bariatric surgery book, while very informative (did you know that most people after surgery have to be on a liquid diet for at least two weeks?  What's the point of the surgery, just do the liquid diet and save yourself $20,000) their were tons of typos and repeated information under misleading headings.
I wanted to like Big Girls Bounce.  I really did.  But I just couldn't.  The stories aren't funny even though there were some funny situations and I'm not actually sure the author is actually a larger woman.  I mean she starts off the book telling me about the time she bought size two jeans.  There are a few tales about retail therapy and skinny rude sales girls, but there were so many comments that I thought sounded derogatory towards plus sized women that I just couldn't like any of them

My recommendations:
Dont' bother one-clicking either of these books because they will indeed make your butt look big.
I give 'em both two stars. 

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