Friday, January 27, 2012

I got no problem with FREE!!!!

If you're here, you know I love free ebooks (If you're here and you didn't know that look up a bit, yeah, right there, name of the blog... LOL).
I read an extremely interesting and useful post by Kristen Lamb, my own personal guru on the world of becoming a successful (and published) writer.
Here's what she has to say about FREE!!! Ebooks.

"FREE! has no power in the publishing world unless there is an impetus for consumers read then talk about our book so more books can be sold. "

True that.

Read the rest of the post here --> What's the Problem with FREE?
It's especially useful to published authors considering doing a free promotion, but it's also insightful for readers of free books soo.

I posted my comment on her blog (because, yes of course I want a FREE critique of a bit of my book), but as I posted I realized a great new truth.  By reading and blogging about FREE ebooks I've learned a whole ton about the publishing industry and the craft of writing.  I'm not sure I'm ready yet to join the Indie book revolution, but if I ever do, I have a pretty good understanding of how to put the book together, how to market it, and how to get some sales (and not because I read one of the free ebooks on How to Sell a Gajillion Ebooks on Amazon!)
You my readers, and hey, you, the authors giving out free ebooks have been my teachers. (Oh, and all those savvy commenters on Kristen's Blog)

I have a teeny tiny problem, in that I have maybe a good 500 books on my Kindle that I may never read, just like many of the people leaving comments on Kristen's blog.  So, I'm limiting myself to two new books a day from here on out.  That's gonna be really tough and sometimes I will fail, but let's see where it goes.

Here are the free books I'm debating on downloading today.
Click on the book cover to go to the Kindle page in Amazon. Remember if you aren't reading this the day I published it check the prices, as many free books are a promotion and prices go up later.

Leave me a comment let me know which two you think I should download. (and then pick a few for yourself). Happy Reading.

A Brief Moment in TImeGone West (Destiny's Dreamers)Finding Eden (The Eden Hall Series)
Mrs Nices' Sexy Vegetables (Sexy Foods: Eat Your Way To Ecstasy)THE REBEL AND THE RICH GIRLApocalypse of the Heart

Two Weeks At Gay Banana Hot SpringsHe Kissed Me Between the Geraniums and the DaisiesNight's Vampires and Werewolves
The OceanBlame it on TexasReplica

Master Of ParadiseShe-Wolf, An Erotic RomanceCrazy For Trying
Annie BeginsThe Mind Readers, A Young Adult Paranormal RomanceNorth Rim Delight (A Vet Tech Romance)

Scoundrels' Bargain (Historical Romance)Silent ScreamWindswept
Right Name, Wrong ManTouched by FireThe Mach Band Region

Love On the HighWay- a True Romance love story<--- I'm irritated this this one looks like a pretty good story, but the author couldn't bother to make the picture she bought look like a cover and put the title and her name on it. (So I probably won't download it)

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  1. Who writes a book and forgets to put their name on it?
    Thanks for sharing!!