Friday, April 13, 2012

13 places to download a #FreeEbook on Friday the 13th

Tryskaidekaphopia is the fear of the number thirteen.
I got no problem with little ole 13. Put me in a hotel on the 13th floor in room 1313 for 13 days and I'd be happy as a Clampet.

But if I've got less then 13 books to read? There you have my own personal unreasonably debilitating angst  - Tryskabookaphobia.

I don't know, is Friday the 13th a holiday where you are supposed to give presents? It must be, because I got tons of gifts today (and by gifts I mean free e-books.)
I downloaded way more than thirteen freebies today.
And, aha, I finally figured out why there have been so many paranormal books available. Duh.

Instead of sharing the books that are available for free today I thought I'd give you thirteen places you can get books to feed your reader at no cost.

1. The Library.
I've said it once and I'll say it Carl Sagan style. (Billions and Billions for those of you out there who aren't children of the 80's nerds)
Your local library had books, not just Gutenberg style, but for your E-reader.
No, really.  Check out my library.
You're library probably has ebooks too!

2. Project Gutenberg
These are mostly books with expired copyrights. So we're talking classics and old books you've never heard of but that are insanely interesting. Like the the 1811 Dictionary of  the Vulgar Tongue by  Francis Grose. Shhhhweeeet.

3. All Romance E-books
I'm a Romance reader (and writer) so for me, this site just rocks my blocks. If you scroll way down to the bottom, on the left hand side there is a little tiny link for Free Reads. They have tons of promos going on with their authors all the time, so there are plenty to choose from. Also if you sign up for their newsletter ever coupla months or so they do some cool thing where they give away a book a day. They did it for Christmas and oddly are doing it now for Earth Day.  Hey, ebooks save trees.

4. Barnes & Noble
Don't have a Kindle? Nooks are cool too. Just do a search under NookBooks for free and you'll find Showing 1 – 30 of 1837367 results for 


Yeah, Have fun with that.
I haven't found a good site for Nook Freebies. If and when I ever do, I'll let you know. (Or maybe I'll start one. Hmm...)

5. Books on Board
My old friend BoB. No, I don't mean Battery Operated Boyfriend, get your mind out of the gutter. I get a newsletter from this ebook retailer and about once a month they have a free banner blazing across the top of the page. But, if you're impatient and want your free ebooks now just click on their Under $5 tab and there will be a whole list of freebies.

6. Amazon
They have somewhere around 3000 free ebooks available everyday. And no, they aren't all classics.
This is where I get the majority of the free e-books I download.

But, how do you find the freebies besides just searching Amazon (which is an inane task that usually only turns up utter crap)?

The rest of my thirteen are all searches for finding books you actually want to read from Amazon.

7. KinLib
Princess Joyce from the Amazon discussion boards is my book-crack dealer hero. I don't know what kind of genius program she has going on, but it finds all the books that are newly for free on any given day. Then she emails the list to me.  Okay, not me personally, but to anyone signed up on her list.

8. Digital Book Today
These guys scrub the freebies list at Amazon and only let out the shiny books that have gotten good reviews from readers.  (Or the ones from authors who sponsor the site)

9. eReader IQ
These are the guys to go to if you want to search all the Amazon freebies by want to do it with a smart search.  You can sort the list by genre or author or stars or reviews or about a baker's dozen of other choices.

10. Free Par-tay
I don't know who these people are, but they got the hook-up. They gave away books on Leprechaun's Day (or St. Patrick's day to you Irish-Americans) and they're doing it again today.

11. Twitter
Do a search for #FreeEbook or #FreeEbooks or #Free or #Freebies and poof, no cost reads galore.

12. Facebook
Fried or 'Like' the authors you love and you'll be surprised how many either do give-aways or will just let you know when they are doing a promotion and when one of their books are free.

13. Blogs
Yes, here's a shameless promotion for my own pretty little blog, 365 Days, 365 Free Ebooks. This is a great place to find free ebooks, plus you get reviews, strange opinions, soapbox stands and writing or publishing advice.
Okay, there are other bloggers out there too that give up the free ebook love.
Here are a few of my favs.

E-Reading on the Cheap - She's got cheap reads, free reads, book reviews and giveaways.
I know of a few other places to get free ebooks, but everyone needs a little mystery in their lives.

Free Kindle Books and Tips - This guy searches the freebies so you don't have to and will email out books that have good reviews for you to download. He also has some fancy algorhythmic fancy pants program that maintains list if you just want to search by genre.

I know some other places to download freebies but a girl's got have some mystery about her, right?

I'm not actually all that mysterious, so if you look here you can find some of my other fav resources for free e-books.

Do you know of some other free ebooks resources?  Share them in my comments section and I'll show the love by tweeting it out.


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  1. This is an awesome start. My lovely Kindle needs filling and I have a narrow budge.