Monday, April 9, 2012

#FreeEbooks from the Steel Magnolias

Movies that make you laugh and cry at the same time are the best.
One of the greatest chick flicks ever in my not very humble opinion is Steel Magnolias. It does exactly that. I had tears of sadness streaming down my face while snort laughing. Awesome.
 Books that do the same? Even better.
It's why I love to read romance.

Steel Magnolia Press wants to give you that experience for free.
They are a group of Southern women writers who, being the smarty smart pants (although, I'm sure those pants are silken drawers) are offering a selection of their books for free on April 9th.

Check out their website, then check out their books.

Here are the one's I downloaded.

A Dragon's Seduction by Tamelia Tumlin                                       Gypsy Bond by Lindy Corbin
A Paranormal Romance with a firefighter.                                   A Regency Romance Novella with a gypsy.
Hot.                                                                                          Bestill my heart.
Gypsy BondA Dragon's Seduction       

The Rent-A-Groom by Jennifer Blake                               Catering to the Italian Playboy by Tamelia Tumlin
A Contemporary Cowboy Romance.                                 A Contemporary Romance with an exotic
You know how I feel about cowboys.                                dancer, an Italian business man and a secret.
                                                                                         Oh, I hope it's a secret baby...
Catering to the Italian PlayboyThe Rent-A-Groom           

Enjoy these free romances and let me know which you download. I'll tweet out some reader/author love if you leave a comment about the books.

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